Linear Motion Product Solutions From PBC Linear

Welcome to PBC Linear, your one-stop shop for linear motion products designed to meet a variety of application needs. Linear motion is the movement of an object along a straight line from one point to another within a single dimension. Our extensive selection of linear motion products are well suited for a variety of project sizes and budgets.

Linear Motion Products for Every Application

Self-Lubricating Linear Bearings, featuring our proprietary Frelon liners, and high-precision steel Linear Ball Bearings, are ideal for applications ranging from light to heavy loads. Our Linear Bearings are designed to achieve the longest life when paired with Linear Shafting options, available in materials such as RC60 steel and ceramic-coated aluminum. Lightweight Gliding Surface Technology (GST) Linear Rails, high-speed Integral-V Linear Slides, and heavy-load Cam Roller Linear Slides for provide robust solutions for linear motion applications. Additionally, our lead screws with anti-backlash nuts and ball screws ensure precise, maintenance-free linear motion performance. For comprehensive linear motion needs, our Linear Actuators deliver exceptional payload capacity and stroke lengths, making them suitable for any demanding application. 

Explore our linear motion product families to find the perfect fit for your application and experience the best in linear motion technology from PBC Linear.

Linear Bearings Product Line - Plain Bearings, Ball Bearings, Pillow Blocks

Linear Motion - Linear Bearings

PBC Linear offers a wide range of linear motion products for diverse applications. In addition to standard linear bearings, our Frelon liner is available in linear sleeve bearings, linear flanged bearings, and linear pillow blocks. All linear bearing products with our proprietary Frelon liner are maintenance-free and self-lubricating. If high precision or high speed is required, our steel linear ball bearings come in a variety of sizes and styles. For applications involving heavy loads and uneven surfaces, be sure to check out our Roller Linear Pillow Blocks.

Max Static Load, lbs (N)
Max Speed, m/s
Self- Lubricating Linear Bearings
100,500 (447,046)
Linear Ball Bearings
2,165 (9,630)
Roller Linear Pillow Blocks
12,520 (55,692)
Linear Bearings
Checked Inch
Checked Metric
Checked JIS Metric
Checked Dirty Debris
Checked Wet
Checked High Vibration
Checked Abrasive Particulate
Checked Clean Room
Blank Heavy Industrial

Linear Shafting

Linear Motion - Linear Shafting

Our linear shafts are exclusively optimized to match high-performance linear bearing technology, providing long life, low maintenance, and reliable linear motion. We offer linear bearing rails in RC60 steel, 300 series stainless steel, 400 series stainless steel, and ceramic-coated aluminum materials. Linear Support Rails provide rigid, continuous support for high loads. All solid or pre-drilled shafting options are available as cut-to-length or full length, ensuring you have the perfect solution for your linear motion needs.

Linear Shaft MaterialCompatible Linear Bearings
RC60Simplicity Linear Bearings, Linear Ball Bearings & Roller Linear Pillow Blocks
300 Series Stainless SteelSimplicity Linear Bearings
400 Series Stainless SteelSimplicity Linear Bearings & Linear Ball Bearings
Ceramic-Coated AluminumSimplicity Linear Bearings

Gliding Surface Linear Slides

Linear Motion - Gliding Surface Linear Slides

Gliding Surface Technology (GST) offers a revolutionary linear motion solution with a two-piece plain bearing assembly that is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. GST Linear Slides feature our proprietary Frelon liner, making them self-lubricating and preventing catastrophic failure with no metal-to-metal contact. Our Mini-Rail, a square linear guide, serves as a dimensionally interchangeable, maintenance-free substitute for profile rails. Additionally, the anodized aluminum surface of our Uni-Guide and Low Profile Uni-Guide prevents contaminants from sticking, making them ideal for contaminated environments and washdown applications. Experience superior linear motion with our advanced GST Linear Slides.

Max Static Load, lbs (N)
Max Speed, m/s
Low Profile Mini-Rail
120 (534)
1,350 (6,005)
Low Profile Uni-Guide
1,843 (8,198)
1,000 (4,448)

Integral V Linear Slides

Linear Motion - Integral-V Linear Slides

Integral-V Technology (IVT) is an environmentally adaptable linear motion system offering multiple variations of V-type rails and rollers for high speed, rigidity, and repeatable linear motion. Our IVT Linear Slides outperform profile rails by eliminating fasteners and reducing mounting components by 40%, which decreases material and installation costs. Available in six different profiles, Integral-V Linear Slides can be easily adapted to a wide range of linear motion applications. Experience the efficiency and versatility of IVT Linear Slides for your linear motion needs. 

Max Static Load, lbs (N)
Max Speed, m/s
Integral-V Linear Slides
1,250 (5,560)

Cam Roller Heavy Duty Linear Slides

Linear Motion - Cam Roller Linear Slides

Redi-Rail, Commercial Rail, Hardened Crown Rollers, and V-Guides provide high-speed and moderate-load linear motion in harsh environments with varying degrees of precision. Redi-Rail and Low Profile Redi-Rail are perfect for applications requiring high speed, moderate load, and corrosion resistance. Hevi-Rail is a cost-effective, high-load capacity linear motion system ideal for industrial-strength handling applications needing low to medium precision. Commercial Rail, Hardened Crown Rollers and V-Guides offer cost-effective linear motion solutions, with V-Guide also delivering accuracy and repeatability in high-speed applications. Discover the best linear motion solutions with our robust CRT product offerings.

Max Static Load, lbs (N)
Max Speed, m/s
Hardened Crown Rollers
300 (1,334)
Commercial Rail
391 (1,739)
2,246 (9,991)
2,006 (8,923)
Low Profile Redi-Rail
110 (489)
13,308 (59,197)

Lead Screws & Ball Screws

Linear Motion - Lead Screws & Ball Screws

Lead Screws and our patented Constant-Force Anti-Backlash Nuts combine to create a high-precision, quiet lead screw assembly essential for demanding linear motion applications. With 2-4x less backlash over the life of the screw and a self-lubricating nut, our lead screws offer consistent, maintenance-free, and long-lasting performance. Our Ball Screws, made in the USA, provide superior value with reduced lead times and precision rolling for lead accuracy and consistency over the entire screw length. Choose PBC Linear Lead Screws and Ball Screws for reliable and precise linear motion solutions.

Nut Style
Lead ScrewsAvailable in four metric sizes and five inch sizesRound, Triangle, Rectangle, & Threaded
Ball ScrewsAvailable in 5 metric sizes
Cylindrical & Flanged

Electric Linear Actuators

Linear Motion - Linear Actuators

Choose from our ball screw linear actuators, lead screw linear actuators, and belt drive Linear Actuators for the perfect blend of precision, load capacity, and speed in your linear motion applications. PBC Linear offers a wide range of solutions, including hand-driven options, motor mounts, and integrated NEMA motors, ensuring we have a linear motion solution for every budget. Discover the ideal Linear Actuator for your needs with our comprehensive selection.

Max Stroke (mm)
Max Load, lbs (N)
Lead Screw Motor
see catalog
Ball Screw Motor
see catalog
ML Series
60 (267)
Compact Series
320 (1,425)
SIMO Series
360 (1,600)
PLA Series
220 (980)
MTB Series
1,012 (4,500)
MUK Series
2,518 (11,200)
Simplicity Series
18,749 (83,400)