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Pack Expo 2023

DATE/TIME:September 12, 2023
Cobot Feeder

Cobot Feeder 

Harsh environments display

Harsh Environments Display

Uni-Guide, MTB, Simplicity

Uni-Guide, MTB, Simplicity 

Miniature Metric Ball Scews

Miniature Metric Ball Scews

Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas provided customers the opportunity to see innovative technologies for packaging and processing solutions. PBC Linear has much to offer attendees, especially those looking for automation packaging solutions related to:

  • Food, snack and beverage industry
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Household chemical and materials


Cobot Feeder: Boost your Cobot Production!

Our Cobot Feeder if officially certified with Universal Robots PlusOur Cobot Feeder is designed to boost cobot production without significant increases in labor. This versatile tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and delivering parts trays into a position where they can be consistently loaded and unloaded via a cobot device. Enthusiasm and interest in the Cobot Feeder is soaring now that we have received Universal Robots+ (UR+) partner certification. The Cobot Feeder, in tandem with Universal Robots (UR), looks to solve material handling and labor shortage issues while achieving a higher return on investment. Read more on the Cobot Feeder. 

Harsh Environments Solutions

At our booth (SU 8272), attendees can check out the harsh environments display. It features our popular MTB actuator, which uses an anodized aluminum housing with stainless steel and magnetic strips to seal out contamination. The harsh environment display also features several of our popular products that are equipped with our patented plain bearing Frelon liner technology, including our iconic red simplicity bearing and Uni-Guide actuators. These Frelon liners offer self-lubricating, maintenance-free performance, making them a perfect fit for many packaging automation applications. Read more on Bearing Solutions for Harsh Environments.

Customized Linear Motion Solutions

For many packaging companies, it is commonplace to buy components separately and then make their own slide tables internally. While the term customization may seem synonymous with higher costs, the actual long-term value can equate to customer savings. An engineered solution from PBC Linear can simplify assembly, reduce part count, and increase overall production. The net result is an efficient plug and play linear motion system. Consult with one of our booth representatives (use the adjacent form), or contact an Application Engineer today to discuss available options.

Miniature Ball Screws for Compact Solutions

Get rolling with our newly released miniature metric ball screw product line. These sophisticated ball screw assemblies combine small screws with compact nuts to yield high-precision linear motion for a range of small-scale applications. They compliment our popular lead screw line, and will satisfy customer demands for applications where lead screws are less effective. Read more on Miniature Metric Ball Screws from PBC Linear.

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