D Uni-Guide Linear Slide System

D Uni Guide Linear Slide System
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D Uni-Guide Linear Slide System

PBC Linear applied the proven Simplicity technology to a two-piece aluminum design to create the Uni-Guide. The result is a unique assembly that eliminates tolerance stack up, dampens vibrations and shock loads, and can drop into existing applications making installation easy. Uni-Guide has unlimited design options and versatility making it ideal for applications ranging from low cost automation to packaging equipment. 

Performance Benefits

  • Static load capacity up to 1000 lb
  • Three size options
  • Available up to 10’, for longer lengths contact PBC Linear
  • Lightweight, pre-engineered two-piece assembly – ready to use
  • No metal to metal contact equals smooth and quiet motion
  • Self-lubricating FrelonGOLD® Liners – Maintenance Free
  • Mounting flexibility — carriage T-slots with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • No alignment necessary
  • Ceramic Hard Coat Anodize Finish Rail with Anodized Finish Carriage for corrosion resistance
  • Drive Options: Lead Screw configured with Input Stub-shaft, Hand Knob or N17, N23 & N34 Motor Mount
  • Brake Options: Hand Brake and/or Carriage Brake
  • Extended Length Carriages Available
  • No Rolling Elements, eliminating possibility of catastrophic failure
  • Rail and Carriage Excel in demanding extremes including wide temperature range, heavy particulates, wash-down, and extreme vibration

NameSize (mm)CarriagesRail Length (inches)Carriage Length (inches)Shop Link
D075-0120-000-1751123.50Shop Now
D075-0240-000-1751243.50Shop Now
D075-0360-000-1751363.50Shop Now
D075-0480-000-1751483.50Shop Now
D075CHB-0120-000-1751123.50Shop Now
D075CHB-0240-000-1751243.50Shop Now
D075CHB-036-000-1751363.50Shop Now
D075CHB-0480-1751483.50Shop Now
D100-0120-000-11001124.50Shop Now
D100-0240-000-11001244.50Shop Now
D100-0360-000-11001364.50Shop Now
D100-0480-000-11001484.50Shop Now
D100CHB-0120-000-11001124.50Shop Now
D100CHB-0240-000-11001244.50Shop Now
D100CHB-0360-000-11001364.50Shop Now
D100CHB-0480-000-11001484.50Shop Now
D125-0120-000-11251126Shop Now
D125-0240-000-11251246Shop Now
D125-0360-000-11251366Shop Now
D125-0480-000-11251486Shop Now
D125CHB-0120-000-11251126Shop Now
D125CHB-0240-000-11251246Shop Now
D125CHB-0360-000-11251366Shop Now
D125CHB-0480-000-11251486Shop Now