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MR Mini Rail Miniature Linear Slide
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MR Mini-Rail Miniature Linear Slide

Based on self-lubricating Simplicity technology, the Mini-Rail linear slide’s effective two-piece design allows for fast installation and provides outstanding performance in demanding linear motion applications from semi-conductor wafer handling to packaging equipment. With no rolling elements, the Mini-Rail will not catastrophically fail. The Mini-Rail also features our proprietary FrelonGOLD® liner, which ensures oil-free operation throughout the lifespan of the linear slide system due to its self-lubricating properties. The Mini-Rail is a fully interchangeable and economical solution to industry standard linear slides and profile rails. In addition to being offered in several widths, the Mini-Rail linear slide comes in a variety of off-the-shelf and custom lengths up to 3,600 mm.

Learn more about the benefits of the proprietary, self-lubricating Frelon® liner from PBC Linear

Mini-Rail Miniature Linear Slide Performance Benefits

  • High Load Capacity: Supports static loads up to 1,350 lbs
  • Reliable and Resilient Design: No rolling elements, prevents catastrophic failure, and excels in extreme conditions including wide temperature ranges, heavy particulates, wash-down environments, and extreme vibrations
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Offered in five sizes, and available in lengths up to 3,600 mm
  • Easy Installation: Lightweight, two-piece assembly ready for immediate use with no alignment necessary. Equipped with carriage T-slots and pre-drilled holes for quick mounting
  • Long Lasting Design: Smooth and quiet operation with no metal-to-metal contact to prevent catastrophic failure
  • Maintenance- Free: Self-lubricating FrelonGOLD® liners in the carriage for the life of the system for an oil-free 
  • Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Finish: Durable Ceramic Hard Coat Anodized finish on the rail and anodized carriage
  • Multiple Drive Options: Various drive options available such as lead screw and stepper motors

Precision & Compensated Clearances for Uni-Guide

Carriage Configuration Options

Running Clearance

Precision Series: Ceramic coated rails and carriages are corrosion resistant. FrelonGOLD self-lubricating liner delivers the best overall performance, the highest loads, the best wear life, and speeds. Most precise running clearance for high precision applications. 

Compensated Series: Same as Precision Series except with additional clearance provided to tolerate misalignment. 

Use the product configurator to specify the optimal running clearance for your linear motion application.

Design Considerations for Mini-Rail

Cantilevered Loads

The carriage will bind if the 2:1 ratio for cantilevered loads and drive forces is exceeded. This principle is independent of load or force. The 2:1 Bearing Ratio is defined as the maximum allowable ratio of moment arm distance to bearing length that avoids binding or motion hindrance. Numerically, it is represented as "2:1," where "2x" is the moment arm distance and "1x" is the bearing length. For example, if 2x is 10 inches, then 1x must be 5 inches.

Load / Force Cantilever Example

Shop Mini-Rail Linear Slides

Shop our standard off-the-shelf offerings or use the configurator to customize the perfect solution for your linear motion application.

NameWidth (mm)ItemLength (mm)Shop Link
MR07-0100-17Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
MR07-0150-17Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
MR09-0100-19Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
MR09-0125-19Carriage + Rail125Shop Now
MR09-0150-19Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
MR12-0100-112Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
MR12-0150-112Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
MR12-0200-112Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
MR15-0100-115Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
MR15-0150-115Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
MR15-0200-115Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
MR15-0300-115Carriage + Rail300Shop Now
MR15-0400-115Carriage + Rail400Shop Now
MR20-0150-120Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
MR20-0250-120Carriage + Rail250Shop Now
MR20-0300-120Carriage + Rail300Shop Now
MR20-0400-120Carriage + Rail400Shop Now
MR20-0500-120Carriage + Rail500Shop Now