PAC Hardened Crown Roller Bearings

PAC Hardened Crown Roller Bearings
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PAC Hardened Crown Roller Bearings

One size fits many needs

PBC Linear’s hardened crown rollers are a superb choice for low-cost linear motion. The rollers come pre-assembled and are self-aligning for simple installation. Hardened crown rollers are great for point-to-point applications, and ensure strong, sturdy and long-lasting linear motion. Hardened Crown Rollers are one of the least expensive bearing systems offered by PBC Linear. NOTE: Rails, Wheels, End Stops, and Angle Brackets must be ordered as individual items below.

Performance Benefits

  • Maximum wheel bearing load up to 1334 N (300 lbs)
  • Maximum transfer speed up to 762 mm/s (30 in/s)
  • Rails available up to 3 m (10 ft) in steel or powder coated finish
  • Integral roller bearing with metric or inch threaded stud
  • Available angle mounting brackets & rail end stops
  • Ideal for machine tool doors and guarding
  • Ideal for point to point material transfer
  • Ideal for doors and windows – garage doors
  • Ideal for many other general purpose applications

NameItemRail Length (inches)MaterialPriceShop Link
PAC2244Angle Bracket00Steel$15.13Shop Now
PAC2245-0012Rail120Steel$14.90Shop Now
PAC2245-0024Rail240Steel$28.15Shop Now
PAC2245-0048Rail480Steel$56.31Shop Now
PAC2245-0072Rail720Steel$84.46Shop Now
PAC2246End Stops00 $4.76Shop Now
PAC2247-0012Rail120Steel$19.32Shop Now
PAC2247-0024Rail240Steel$38.64Shop Now
PAC2247-0048Rail480Steel$77.28Shop Now
PAC2247-0072Rail720Steel$115.93Shop Now
PAC3016Wheel-Inch00Steel$19.72Shop Now
PAC3016MWheel-Metric00Steel$19.72Shop Now