LPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Slide

LPM Low Profile Mini Rail Linear Slide
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LPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Slide

The low cost Low Profile Mini-Rail (LPM) Linear Slide is available in four different widths and is the perfect solution for compact, low friction motion in the medical, packaging, and automation industries. In addition to being offered in several widths, the LPM Linear Slide comes in a variety of off-the-shelf and custom lengths up to 3,048 mm. The Low Profile Mini-Rail (LPM) Linear Slide is composed of a molded polymer slider with stainless steel thread inserts and anodized aluminum rails. The LPM Linear Slide is resistant to lubricants, fuels, dyes, and weak acids and can operate in temperatures ranging from (-35°C to 65°C). Industry standard interchangeable, the LPM Linear Slide series is the ideal, cost-effective polymer slider with profiles as small as 6 mm.

Performance Benefits of the Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Slide

  • Moderate Load Capacity: Static load capacity up to 18 lbs
  • Suitable for High Speeds: Maximum velocity of 10 m/s
  • Available in Four Sizes: 17, 27, 40, and 80 mm rail widths
  • Compact Design: Low profile ideal for small spaces
  • High Chemical Resistance: Ideal for harsh environments
  • High-Quality Linear Motion: Smooth and quiet operation

Shop Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Slides

Shop our standard off-the-shelf offerings or use the configurator to customize the perfect solution for your linear motion application.

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
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LPM17-0100-117Carriage +Rail100Shop Now
LPM17-0125-117Carriage + Rail125Shop Now
LPM17-0150-117Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
LPM17-0200-117Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
LPM17-0250-117Carriage + Rail250Shop Now
LPM27-0100-127Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
LPM27-0150-127Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
LPM27-0400-127Carriage + Rail400Shop Now
LPM27-0750-127Carriage + Rail750Shop Now
LPM27-1000-127Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM40-0200-140Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
LPM40-0500-140Carriage + Rail500Shop Now
LPM40-0750-140Carriage + Rail750Shop Now
LPM40-1000-140Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM80-0300-180Carriage + Rail300Shop Now
LPM80-0500-180Carriage + Rail500Shop Now
LPM80-1000-180Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM80-1500-180Carriage + Rail1,500Shop Now
LPM80-2000-180Carriage + Rail2,000Shop Now