LPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Guide

LPM Low Profile Mini Rail Linear Guide
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LPM Low Profile Mini-Rail Linear Guide

The low cost Low Profile Mini-Rail LPM comes available in 4 different sizes and is the perfect solution for compact low friction motion in the medical, packaging, and automation industries. Low Profile Mini-Rail LPM is composed of a molded polymer slider with stainless steel thread inserts and anodized aluminum rails. The LPM is resistant to lubricants, fuels, dyes, and weak acids and can operate in temperatures ranging from (-35°C to 65°C). Industry standard interchangeable, the LPM series is a fool proof polymer slider.

Performance Benefits

  • Static load capacity up to 18 lb
  • Four sizes ranging from 17 mm to 80 mm rail width
  • Low profile ideal for small spaces
  • Chemical resistance ideal for harsh environments
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Economical linear solution

NameCompensatedSize (mm)ItemLength (mm)Shop Link
LPM17-0100-1 17Carriage +Rail100Shop Now
LPM17-0125-1 17Carriage + Rail125Shop Now
LPM17-0150-1 17Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
LPM17-0200-1 17Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
LPM17-0250-1 17Carriage + Rail250Shop Now
LPM27-0100-1 27Carriage + Rail100Shop Now
LPM27-0150-1 27Carriage + Rail150Shop Now
LPM27-0400-1 27Carriage + Rail400Shop Now
LPM27-0750-1 27Carriage + Rail750Shop Now
LPM27-1000-1 27Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM40-0200-1 40Carriage + Rail200Shop Now
LPM40-0500-1 40Carriage + Rail500Shop Now
LPM40-0750-1 40Carriage + Rail750Shop Now
LPM40-1000-1 40Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM80-0300-1 80Carriage + Rail300Shop Now
LPM80-0500-1 80Carriage + Rail500Shop Now
LPM80-1000-1 80Carriage + Rail1,000Shop Now
LPM80-1500-1 80Carriage + Rail1,500Shop Now
LPM80-2000-1 80Carriage + Rail2,000Shop Now