CR Commercial Rail Linear Guide

CR Commercial Rail Linear Guide
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CR Commercial Rail Linear Guide

Sturdy low-cost linear motion

The Commercial Rail features roll formed rails made of zinc plated steel; providing low cost corrosion resistant capability. The machined aluminum slider body is made of 6061-T6 anodized for corrosion resistance and adjustable pre-load design to ensure flexibility-aiding system integration.  Applications for Commercial Rail include automation, packaging, material handling, environmental, energy, HVAC, medical and office equipment. NOTE: Rails and Carriages must be ordered as individual items below.

Performance Benefits

  • Precision formed rails available in zinc plated carbon steel sheet
  • Transfer speeds up to 1.5 m/s (59 in/s)
  • Withstands temperatures up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Load capability up to 1330N (298 lbs)
  • Available in lengths up to 6m (19ft)
  • Machined anodized aluminum slider body with standard mounting holes
  • Sliders are available with sealed 52100 steel or 440 stainless steel wheels
  • Sliders include standard adjustable pre-load feature

NameSize (mm)ItemRail Length (mm)Carriage Order SeparateShop Link
NameSize (mm)ItemRail Length (mm)Carriage Order SeparateShop Link
CR20MCA600Carriage000Shop Now
CR30MCA800Carriage2,500CR30MCAShop Now
CR45MCA1,200Carriage000Shop Now
NameSize (mm)ItemRail Length (mm)Carriage Order SeparateShop Link
CR20R-0250200Rail2,500CR20MCAShop Now
CR20R-0500200Rail5,000CR20MCAShop Now
CR20R-0750200Rail7,500CR20MCAShop Now
CR20R-1000200Rail10,000CR20MCAShop Now
CR20R-2500200Rail25,000CR20MCAShop Now
CR30R-0250300Rail2,500CR30MCAShop Now
CR30R-0500300Rail5,000CR30MCAShop Now
CR30R-1000300Rail10,000CR30MCAShop Now
CR30R-2000300Rail20,000CR30MCAShop Now
CR30R-2500300Rail25,000CR30MCAShop Now
CR45R-025045.700Rail2,500CR45MCAShop Now
CR45R-050045.700Rail5,000CR45MCAShop Now
CR45R-075045.700Rail7,500CR45MCAShop Now
CR45R-100045.700Rail10,000CR45MCAShop Now
CR45R-200045.700Rail20,000CR45MCAShop Now
CR45R-250045.700Rail25,000CR45MCAShop Now