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High-load advantage at a low-cost

The VW V-Guide Wheel Roller Bearings and Rails, along with the VW V-Guide Bushings, form a comprehensive system designed for precise and flexible linear motion applications. These components are engineered to provide robust support for both radial and axial loads, making them ideal for various settings, from industrial machinery to custom automation projects. 

The system's versatility is highlighted by its compatibility with different track forms, including internal or external 90-degree ways, round shafts, or even angle iron. This adaptability, combined with the system's durable construction and ease of installation, ensures a reliable and efficient linear motion solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

Performance Benefits

  • High Load Capacity: Supports radial loads up to 9.9N (2246 lbs) and axial loads up to 2.3N (520 lbs) per wheel, accommodating heavy-duty applications.
  • Durability: Permanently sealed and lubricated bearings minimize maintenance and extend service life.
  • Precision Design: Features precision dual-row angular contact design for high accuracy and performance.
  • Material Options: Available in 52100 bearing steel or 420 stainless steel, offering choices based on application requirements.
  • Seal Options: Comes with shielded, 304 stainless steel, or nitrile rubber seals to suit various operating environments.
  • Temperature Resilience: With a temperature rating up to 80°C (180°F), it's suitable for a range of industrial applications.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Offers concentric or eccentric wheel bushings in inch or metric sizing for versatile installation options.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Bushings made from 303 stainless steel material resist corrosion, enhancing longevity in harsh conditions.
  • Adjustable Fit: Adjustable bushings with a hexagonal head and eccentric bore allow for precise alignment and fit.
  • Precision Alignment: Fixed bushings with a round head and concentric bore ensure precise wheel alignment and stability.

Available Plain Bearing Styles

VW V-Guide Wheel Roller Bearings and Rails

VW V-Guide Wheel Roller Bearings and Rails

Available in four sizes and two materials for flexibility, the V-Guide wheels can be used with internal or external 90-degree ways, round shafts or even angle iron. NOTE: Rails and Bearings must be ordered as individual items below.

  • Radial loads up to 9.9N (2246 lbs) per wheel
  • Axial loads up to 2.3N (520 lbs) per wheel
  • Permanently sealed and lubricated
  • Precision dual row angular contact design
  • Available in 52100 bearing steel or 420 stainless steel
  • Available with shielded, 304 stainless steel or nitrile rubber seals
  • Temperature rating up to 80C (180F)
  • Available with concentric or eccentric wheel bushings in inch or metric sizing
NameSizeItemSealedStainless SteelShop Link
VR1-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VR1-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VR1-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VR2-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VR2-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VR2-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VR3-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VR3-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VR3-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VR4-0024 RailNo Shop Now
VR4-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VR4-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD1-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD1-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD1-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD2-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD2-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD2-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD3-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD3-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD3-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD4-0024 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD4-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VRD4-0072 RailNoNoShop Now
VRS1-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS1-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS1-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS2-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS2-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS2-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS3-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS3-0048 RailYesYesShop Now
VRS3-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS4-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS4-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRS4-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD1-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD1-0048 RailNoNoShop Now
VRSD1-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD2-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD2-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD2-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD3-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD3-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD3-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD4-0024 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD4-0048 RailNoYesShop Now
VRSD4-0072 RailNoYesShop Now
VW1 WheelNoNoShop Now
VW2 WheelNoNoShop Now
VW3 WheelNoNoShop Now
VW4 WheelNoNoShop Now
VWS1 WheelYesNoShop Now
VWS2 WheelYesNoShop Now
VWS3 Wheel  Shop Now
VWS4 WheelYesNoShop Now
VWSS1 WheelNoYesShop Now
VWSS2 WheelNoYesShop Now
VWSS3 WheelNoYesShop Now
VWSS4 WheelNoYesShop Now

VW V-Guide Bushing

VW V-Guide Bushing

V-Guide wheel bushings offer a means to rigidly and precisely fasten the wheels to a mounting surface in a variety of ways that fit the specific application.

  • 303 stainless steel material for corrosion resistance
  • Inch or metric fastener sizing that match the four wheel sizes
  • Adjustable bushings feature a hexagonal head and eccentric bore for precise fit
  • Fixed bushings have a round head and concentric bore for precise fit
NameSizeItemSealedStainless SteelShop Link
VB1 Concentric Fixed YesShop Now
VB2 Concentric Fixed YesShop Now
VB3 Concentric Fixed YesShop Now
VB4 Concentric Fixed YesShop Now
VBA1 Eccentric Adjustable YesShop Now
VBA2 Eccentric Adjustable YesShop Now
VBA3 Eccentric Adjustable YesShop Now
VBA4 Eccentric Adjustable YesShop Now