Return Goods Policy

The Purpose of this document is to describe the policy and state the conditions for returning non-defective goods. In the unlikely event any Pacific Bearing Company, Inc. (“PBC”) goods are defective, see paragraphs 9, 10, 11 and 14 of the Sale Order terms and conditions.

Return Policy:

PBC will accept returns on Standard Stock Items ONLY. Actuators, Slides, Hardened Crown Roller Track, Support Rails, Redi-Rail Drawer Slides, Uni-Guides, Cut to length Product Rails (Hevi-Rail®, Mini-Rail, all Redi-Rail® Rail products, all Shafting, Feather Rail, Commercial Rail, IVT, etc.) and special orders are NOT returnable. Simplicity Bearings with Red Frelon liner (Frelon LR) are NOT returnable. Any material returned to PBC without proper paperwork or without an assigned RA number will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

The customer must provide to PBC the Original Order number, Customer Purchase Order Number, Item Number, Quantity and detailed reason for the return. PBC_RMA Verification Report will be faxed to the customer with a Return Materials Authorization (“RA”) number for authorization to return the material. All information will be contained on this form based on the information surrounding the return of goods. A copy of this form must be sent back with the material to process the RA appropriately.

If the material is returned to be reworked, an order will be entered to ship material back to the customer with any additional rework charges included on this replacement order. Customer is liable for all rework charges incurred and the freight back. The original customer purchase order number will be used and will be identified as a replacement order with a “– R” following the original customer purchase order number.


  • All returns must have authorization with a RA number.
  • PBC must authorize the return of all products and assign a RA number prior to the customer shipping material back.
  • PBC must be contacted within 60 days of receipt of product to request a RA number.
  • Once a RA number is assigned, the product must be returned to PBC within 30 days. For international customers only, if the return is being made via ocean transport, goods must be on the boat and in route to PBC within 30 days.
  • The goods must be returned to the same warehouse where they were shipped from, unless requested by PBC to ship the goods to an alternate warehouse.
  • All returns must be packaged in a manner to prevent any additional damage to the product resulting from insufficient packaging. PBC is required to package all material outgoing to our customers to prevent handling and shipping damage. All returns must be packaged in a similar manner.
  • The customer will pay return freight charges. The customer is responsible for all duties/taxes incurred.
  • The RA number must appear on the outside of the package containing the parts to be returned and include PBC RA form as the packing list.
  • If product is sent to PBC for return without a RA number, the product will be refused.
  • The material will be returned to the sender upon arrival at PBC if the returned parts do not contain a specific RA number.
  • A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all returns, unless it is due to PBC error.
  • Credit is subject to quality approval for resale.
  • Return of higher quantities other than what was originally shipped will not be authorized.
  • Determination will be made by PBC in regards to action taken with returned material (credit, rework, or return to stock).
  • Credit provided to the customer will always be determined after quality inspection. Please allow up to ten (10) business days after receipt.
  • At the sole discretion of PBC, some non-standard/special order goods may be returned, depending upon the level of customization. A higher restocking fee will apply.
  • If the returned material is deemed to be scrap, the customer will be notified and then asked what they want done with the goods. The customer will have 10 business days to respond. If no response is received, the goods will be scrapped and disposed of. No credit will be issued. The customer may be responsible for any scrap charges related to disposal of the returned materials.

Stocking Distributor Exchange Policy:

In return for stocking products on the shelves, PBC offers special exchange conditions for stocking distributors. The qualifications listed below must be met in order to be considered a stocking distributor. If the qualifications are met, the conditions for stock exchange are listed below.

Qualifications to be considered a Stocking Distributor:

  • Must be an authorized distribution warehouse for PBC products and the following conditions must be met per physical (shipping) address:
    • Must have placed at least one order and had at least one shipment in each of the previous 12 months
    • Must have ordered a minimum of $1,000 USD per month
    • Stocking distributors are allowed the following number of exchanges per year:
      • 1, if annual sales are greater than $ 12,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
      • 2, if annual sales are greater than $ 100,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
      • 3, if annual sales are greater than $ 500,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
      • 4, if annual sales are greater than $ 1,000,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
      • 6, if annual sales are greater than $ 5,000,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
      • 12, if annual sales are greater than $10,000,000 USD per physical (shipping) address
  • Distributors which do not meet the above criteria are subject to the Return Goods Procedure and Policy unless a RA number has already been assigned. Authorized distributors of PBC products must contact PBC within 90 days of receipt (instead of 60) of product to request a RA number.

Conditions for return/exchange:

  • Stocking Distributor returns must contain only items on the returnable list which were purchased within the previous 12 months. Return of higher quantities other than what was originally shipped will not be authorized.
  • For distributors which order full length rails (HeviRail, MiniRail, all RediRail Rail products, all Shafting, Feather Rail, Commercial Rail, IVT, etc.) and cut the rails themselves, the full-length (uncut) rails CAN be returned.
  • Stocking Distributor returns must be accompanied by an offsetting order which is at least 15% greater than the returned value (115% of the value of the return).
  • All Stocking Distributor returns will be issued credit only after approval from quality inspection and verified that the goods are on the returnable list. If any of the goods are not on the returnable list or do not pass Quality Inspection they will be returned to the customer or scrapped with prior approval from the customer. There will be no credit issued for any of the goods that are scrapped or returned to the customer.
  • The shipment date for the replacement order must have an immediate ship date (as soon as it is ready to ship). For distributors with regularly scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or weekly shipments, the replacement order will be included with the next available scheduled shipment.
  • Due to the large quantity and value of Stocking Distributor returns, the following condition must apply. After 15 November, in any given calendar year, no returns will be authorized for the remainder of the calendar year. Stocking returns which are authorized prior to 15 November MUST be received by PBC no later than 15 December, if the credit is to be issued before 31 December. If PBC receives the return after 15 December, credit will not be issued until the first business week of the new calendar year. Stocking Distributor returns which request returns in January may still request a RA number from 15 November – 31 December, so long as the goods arrive at PBC after 01 January.
  • Goods must be returned to the same warehouse where they were shipped from, unless requested by PBC to be sent to an alternate warehouse.
  • The distributor will pay shipping both ways and is responsible for all duties/taxes incurred.
  • The must be separate packaging for each RA number.
  • There must only be one shipment per return, and the shipments must come from one location. Partial shipments will not be accepted.
  • If all of the above conditions are met, there will be no restocking fees.

Returnable Items List:

Simplicity® Bearings (FrelonGOLD® and Frelon® J ONLY) & Housings

 FLxx FLxxD, FLCxx, FLCxxD
 FMxx  FMCxx
 FJxx FJCxx
 PSxxxx-xx PBC currently stocks no options.
 PSFxxxx-xx PBC currently stocks no options.
 PSMxxxx-xx PBC currently stocks no options.
 PSFMxxxx-xx PBC currently stocks no options.
 PACxxx PACxxxD, PACxxxC, PACxxxCD (Die Set Bushings)
 PACMxxx PACMxxxD, PACMxxC, PACMxxxCD (Die Set Bushings)
 Pxx PxxD, PxxC, PxxCD
 PNxx PNxxD, PNxxC, PNxxCD
 PWxx PWxxD, PWxxC, PWxxCD
 PMxx PMxxC


Square Bearings

 SB16-2E SB24-2E
 SB16-2 SB24-2
 SB16-4E SB24-4E
 SB16-4 SB24-4
 SBL16-2E SBL24-2E
 SBL16-2 SBL24-2
 SBL16-4E SBL24-4E
 SBL16-4 SBL24-4


Hardened Crown Rollers & Accessories


Hevi-Rail® Bearings



Redi-Rail® Sliders, Rollers, & Mounting Accessories


Support Blocks

 NSB10 NSB32