Increase Productivity with the Cobot Feeder

Cobot Feeder on Shop Floor from PBC Linear
The Cobot Feeder from PBC Linear assists collaborative robots and other types of automation robots by consistently loading and unloading material dunnage trays within the cobot/robot-accessible work area. The Cobot Feeder includes a base storage and retrieval unit with a cobot pedestal, an enclosed steel rack dunnage tower with a 17-tray capacity, an HMI touch screen display for easy lift control, Ethernet IP, Modbus, and standard cobot communications.
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Why You Need the Cobot Feeder

Cobot Feeder Placing Finished Part

The Cobot Feeder is designed to address material handling and labor shortage issues by boosting cobot production without significant increases in labor.

PBC Linear created the Cobot Feeder to help manufacturers achieve a higher return on their investment. Paybacks can be achieved in as little as two months with a Cobot Feeder and cobot operating 24/7.

This versatile CNC machine-tending tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and delivering parts into position, supplying cobots with a precision loading and unloading station.

Easily Integrate with Any Cobot or Robot

Supports Cobot Accuracy and Repeatability

Set Up an Entire Day's Work in Under 5 min.

Allows Parts to be Run All Day or Night

Entire System is Safe and Collaborative

Affordable Out of the Box Solution

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"Machine tending is a critical process in manufacturing and one of the most popular applications for UR cobots. Byconstantly feeding the cobot new parts to accurately pick and place, the Cobot Feeder optimizes this processsignificantly. We're excited to include the Cobot Feeder in the UR+ product portfolio, benefitting our rapidly growingcustomer base looking to automate this task."

Benefits of the Cobot Feeder

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With the Cobot Feeder, robots can now run longer unattended projects, include a higher mix of parts, and ultimately achieve lights-out production. This means a greater return on investment for your entire automation system.

16 Times More Material Accessibility

The Cobot Feeder allows manufacturing to rely less on direct labor by eliminating the need for workers to constantly provide robots with parts. This means increased productivity and efficiency.

High Efficiency

Cobot Feeder reduces changeovers and robot downtime, leading to increased cobot output.

Improved Recruitment and Retention

The Cobot Feeder helps create a more engaging, more fulfilling, and safer work environment, making the work place more appealing to young recruits and helping to retain experienced workers who seek skill development and an improved workplace atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Cobot Feeder base package comes complete with the following features:

  • Dunnage tray rack tower that is engineered to securely lock in place with the Cobot Feeder. The tower can hold up to 17 trays, eliminating the need for operators to periodically remove and reload material from the cobot work zone. In addition, it offers station-to-station mobility and open-spaced shelving to accommodates various part sizes up to 18-inches in height. The result is a significant boost in robot productivity from 10- to 20-times that of standard means. Trays sold separately.
  • Standard fixed robot mount that offers 45-degrees of adjustability and a custom bolt pattern that is compatible with any cobot/robot. The robot mount can be upgraded to a more flexible swivel stand that offers 4-times the amount of adjustability over the standard model. This means a robot can be moved to different angles quickly and accurately.

The Cobot Feeder is compatible with any cobot and most robots, provided they can reach within the plane of the trays. Contact us if you have questions regarding the compatibility of your cobot/robot.

The Cobot Feeder is typically used for machine tending applications but there are more use cases where the Cobot Feeder will improve productivity. They include pick & place, dispensing, palletizing, and assembly applications. Contact us to see if the Cobot Feeder would be a good fit for your application.

Yes, trays and any custom molded tray inserts. Inserts are made to perfectly fit your part for each application. Grippers to suit your part(s). You can also choose to purchase additional carts or upgrade the mounting arm from a static to swivel arm.

While we do offer installation services for the Cobot Feeder unit, we encourage you to reach out to one of our local resellers to install and set up the Cobot Feeder and cobot. Contact us for a list of trusted resellers in your area.

As long as the parts can fit inside our 18-inch x 26-inch trays, size shouldn’t be an issue. There is a 3-inch gap between each tray in the rack tower, but if you have taller parts you can always remove trays to make space vertically. However, the load is limited to a max of 50 lb per tray. Contact us to find out if your part is compatible with our Cobot Feeder.

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  • Overall dimensions: 55″ x 41″ x 76″
  • Standard aluminum or stainless tray dimensions: 18″ x 26″ (sold separately)
  • Weight: 1200 lb
  • Power Required: 220V Single Phase
  • Tray Tower capacity: 17 Trays
  • Max tray capacity: Base model = 50 lb

Configurable Parts (not included):

  • Cobot: Find the perfect collaborative robot for your application.
  • Dunnage Tray Inserts: Custom designed and producted to fit your custom part.
  • Gripper Options Include: 2-finger, 3-finger, and electroniccollaborative kits.
  • Custom Gripper Fingers: For unique objects that fall outsidethe standard gripper offerings.