Teflon Coated Anti-Backlash Lead Screws


Lead screws are critical in applications where there is a need for precision, quiet operation, maintenance free performance, and life-long consistent performance. Our integrated lead screw system consists of three main components that include the screw, the nut, and the motor, along with the option of journaled ends and end block supports.

Lead screws from PBC Linear are precision CNC thread rolled at 2-3 times the industry baseline, and Teflon coated to increase life while lowering friction and drag on the motor. Our patented anti-backlash nut boasts a maintenance-free, self-lubricating design that has 2-4 times superior performance over conventional coil spring designs. Lead screw motors are engineered with larger bearings for increased thrust capacity, along with bearing preloads that remove axial play and reduce system backlash.

Users can choose from a wide selection of lead screws to offer the optimum velocities needed for their application. These applications include medical and lab automation, bottling and food processing, 3D printing, scanning, and automated retail and kiosks.

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