Self Lubricating Teflon Plain Linear Bearings


The Simplicity® linear plain bearing was developed over 35 years ago to combat bearing contamination leading to premature failure. Dirt, dust, liquids, and other contaminates would egress into a ball type linear bearing causing the tracks to jam, resulting in failure of the bearing and shaft. The Simplicity bearing solution uses a specially formulated polymer liner, resulting in antifriction performance and immunity to most contaminants. Our Simplicity bearings require no lubrication, will absorb shock and vibration, and perform in extreme temperature environments. This makes our bearings an economical choice, especially when you consider the average purchase price is 15-30% less than rolling element linear bearings.

Round shafting is the inner raceway of the linear bearing. PBC Linear offers shafts in ceramic coated aluminum, case hardened steel, 440 stainless case-hardened steel, and 300 series stainless steel. Shafts can be supported by rails, and along with open bearings, offers additional rigidity for heavier loads. Our linear bearings are available in a wide variety of configurations and offer solutions for an extensive range of applications. These include clean rooms, medical equipment, wash-down equipment, packaging equipment, assembly equipment, material handling equipment, and dirty environments such as welding.

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