Linear Guide Rails and Slides


Linear guides from PBC Linear provide accuracy for applications ranging from medical diagnostic machines to automotive die conveyors. They are made up of either steel or plastic rollers that are mounted to a carriage that rolls against a precision guiding surface of a guide rail. Our guide rails are composed of aluminum with the addition of steel raceways for the roller point of contact. Rails can be plated, and are available in 440RC stainless steel for corrosion resistance, making them immune to contamination. PBC Linear offers rails in lengths up to 5 meters, and can easily be joined for longer lengths. Our linear guides boast speeds up to 10 m/s with load capacities up to 353 KN in compact packages.

PBC Linear has designed several plain bearing products that include a patented self-lubricating liner, FrelonGOLD®. This design offers fewer moving parts, thus providing protection against catastrophic failure, unplanned downtime, and lost profits. Also, since no added grease or oil are required, Simplicity technology is ideal in medical, food-processing, and other clean-room environments. The ability of these bearings and liners to withstand shock vibration, extreme heat and cold, and contaminants and grime results in a smooth, quiet and effective linear motion.

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