Linear Ball Bearings and Ball Bushings


Considered by many to be the default choice for linear motion applications, the round shaft reticulating Linear Ball Bearing is a tried and tested option suitable for most linear motion applications. PBC Linear bearings are size interchangeable with ball bearings from other manufacturers, as well as with Simplicity plain linear bearings. Most bearings have an advanced polymer resin cage for quieter operation and come standard with double seals – at no extra cost. Typically constructed from aluminum, hardened cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel ball bearing slides consist of two linear rows of ball bearings contained by four rods located on opposite sides of the base. Together they support the carriage for smooth linear movement. This low-friction linear movement can be powered by a drive mechanism, by hand, or inertia. Ball bearing slides have a lower load capacity compared to other linear slides. This load reduction happens because the balls are less resistant to wear and abrasions. Ball bearing based systems are the ideal solution for applications that demand high rigidity/preload, require low friction, or have long moment arms. Linear Ball Bearings come in single and double lengths and offer Round or Square Flanges. Flange Mount Ball Bearings are available in Imperial (inch), ISO Metric and JIS Metric versions. Some additional benefits include:

  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Built in double seals standard
  • Advanced Polymer Resin cage for quieter operation
  • Size interchangeable

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