Lead Screw Driven Linear Actuators


Lead screw linear actuators from PBC Linear offer precise linear travel and are available in multiple configurations to best suit your application needs. They are compact, lightweight, and remarkably powerful. Our lead screw actuators are designed for high performance within single and multi-axis assemblies. The system’s integrated screw nut is composed of a PTFE impregnable polymer with six plane bearing surfaces per side. The ML nearly doubles the potential load capacity for any miniature actuator design.

PBC Linear gives control to customers by allowing them to choose their product features. With the help of our expert engineers, customers can tailor-fit our actuators specifically to their application. We offer application versatility a single, double, or no profile linear guides, along with a wide selection of leads, several different drive capabilities, and a multitude of custom options. Features include:

  • Teflon coating for low friction and long life
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High load capacity
  • Multiple sizes
  • Single or dual guide support options
  • Increased moment capacity at faster speeds

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