Hevi Rail Heavy Duty Roller Bearings


Hevi-Rail® is a cost effective, high-load capacity linear bearing system that is ideal for industrial strength handling applications requiring medium to low precision. These can include custom lift units, lift trucks, and heavy load conveyors within the aerospace, paper, steel and coil industries. The Hevi-Rail system is made up of components that include rollers, rollers with axial rollers, guide rails, clamp flanges, and flange plates. It is easy to mount and align, and has high radial and axial load capacities that ensure a long and productive life. We offer Hevi-Rail in standard lengths up to 6 meters. Bearing capacities range from 5.4 to 41.1 kN, and 0.6 to 4.6 US Ton-Force with system loads up to 60 tons. Features include:

  • Economical assembly that’s interchangeable
  • Fixed or adjustable bearings
  • Loads handling up to 60 tons
  • Rails up to 6m (19ft)
  • High radial and axial load capacity

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