Compact System Miniature Linear Actuators


These actuators nearly double the potential load capacity for any miniature actuator design. The distinctive outer profile of the anodized aluminum housing makes use of dovetail slots on all sides, making installation quick and easy, and allowing this actuator to be mounted more commonly from its underside or uniquely from its side. This feature increases user options for mounting while highlighting its flexibility, making it ideal for mounting orthogonally in gantry style applications. The dovetail slot design also helps to eliminate the potential for loose mounting by inducing tension when tightening it down with its wedge style clamping (being superior to the conventional square T-slot toe clamp), thereby holding its grip through strenuous forces and vibrations over long cycling.

Linear motion is provided through the use of lead screws. The user can choose from a wide selection of screw leads to offer the optimum velocities needed for the application. Our lead screws boast the largest diameters available in the industry for actuators of this size, which helps to overcome the detriments of the phenomenon known as ‘critical speed’. The lead screws are Teflon coated to increase life while lowering friction and drag on the motor.

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