LOCATION:Chicago, Illinois
DATE/TIME:September 11, 2023

PBC Linear showed the Cobot Feeder along with other tools and linear motion components that are helping to drive manufacturing automation forward. The Cobot Feeder was live at the the UR Cobots booth. Visitors saw the Cobot Feeder and UR cobots working together to drive manufacturing productivity to the next level. 

FABTECH 23 - Cobot Feeder

Cobot Feeder/CNC Machine

FABTECH 23 - Cobot Feeder Tray and Arm

Cobot Feeder/Parts trays 

FABTECH 23 - Cobot Feeder Pick and Place

Cobot pick and place

FABTECH 23 - Cobot Feeder Machining

CNC Machining 

The main focus at the PBC Linear booth was our Cobot Feeder, which offers an automation solutions for a variety of manufacturing applications especially in the area of high-mix, high-volume production.

Automation processes: machine tending, part loading & unloading, assembly operations, cleaning & deburring stations, grinding & polishing, laser marking, palletizing, and more.

Cobot Feeder: Boost your Cobot Production!

Our Cobot Feeder if officially certified with Universal Robots PlusOur Cobot Feeder is designed to boost cobot production without significant increases in labor. This versatile tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and delivering parts trays into a position where they can be consistently loaded and unloaded via a cobot device. Enthusiasm and interest in the Cobot Feeder is soaring now that we have received Universal Robots+ (UR+) partner certification. The Cobot Feeder, in tandem with Universal Robots (UR), looks to solve material handling and labor shortage issues while achieving a higher return on investment.

Benefits to your shop floor:

  • Higher efficiency: It reduces changeovers and robot downtime, leading to increased cobot output.
  • Increased productivity: It provides a significant boost in cobot production, up to 16 times more than single-tray applications.
  • Cost containment: The Cobot Feeder helps mitigate the impact of rising labor costs. One operator can oversee multiple stations, allowing them to focus on production flow and quality control.
  • Greater flexibility: The Cobot Feeder enables shop floors to adapt to dynamic markets with multiple parts runs, lights-out automation, and shorter lead times.
  • Recruitment and retention: The Cobot Feeder helps create a more engaging, more fulfilling, and safer work environment, making the workplace more appealing to young recruits and helping to retain experienced workers who seek skill development and an improved workplace atmosphere.
  • Higher return on investment: Recovering the cost of the Cobot Feeder, the UR cobot, and accessories occurs in approximately six months running a single eight-hour shift or in as little as two months when operating 24/7. To learn more, access the online ROI Calculator.

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