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Automate 2023

LOCATION:Booth # 1826
Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, MI
DATE/TIME:May 22, 2023 - May 25, 2023

Get maximum output from your cobots, CNC machines, and machine operators with the Cobot Feeder from PBC Linear.


Get rolling with American-made* miniature ball screw assemblies from PBC Linear.

Engineering Automation Solutions with Linear Motion

At Automate 2023 in Detroit, PBC Linear set out to showcase new and time-tested products to customers that want to increase their automation portfolios, reduce or eliminate maintenance, and gain a competitive edge in evolving markets. Automate happens yearly, and includes activities such as intimate workshops with industry giants, newsmaking keynotes, networking events, innovation competitions and live demonstrations.

Cobot Feeder: Boost your Cobot Production!

Our Applied Cobotics Cobot Feeder is designed to boost cobot production without significant increases in labor. This versatile tool provides a standardized platform for storing, staging, and delivering parts trays into a position where they can be consistently loaded and unloaded via a cobot device. The Cobot Feeder is a UR cobot application kit that solves material handling and labor shortage issues while achieving a higher return on investment. Read more on the Cobot Feeder.

We are proud to announce our Cobot Feeder has received Universal Robots+ (UR+) partner certification. The UR+ platform is a comprehensive ecosystem of certified partner products designed to seamlessly integrate with collaborative robot arms manufactured by Universal Robots (UR). 

Miniature Metric Ball Screws: Get Rolling!

Miniature metric ball screw assemblies combine small screws with compact nuts to yield high-precision linear motion for a range of small-scale applications. We have developed ball screws to compliment our popular lead screw line, and to satisfy customer demands for medical, lab automation, and other applications where lead screws are less effective.

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See more information on exhibiting products:

Linear Motion Solutions for Lab Automation

Increased productivity, higher accuracy, and better reproducibility of experimental results are driving increased use of linear motion solutions for laboratory automation. Lab automation not only makes scientific experiments and processes faster, more accurate, and more efficient, but it also allows researchers to run experiments on a larger scale while reducing the likelihood of human error. Lab automation system success greatly depends on the proper selection of suitable linear drive system components. This industry focus brochure explores the basic linear motion devices available, along with many of the cooresponding laboratory automation applications including Cartesian Robots for Sample Handling, Diagnostic Equipment, Fluid Dispensing, and more. To read more, download the Linear Motion Solutions for Lab Automation brochure.

Linear Motion Solutions for Medical Device and Scanning Applications

A wide range of medical device and digital imaging or scanning applications rely on linear motion. The use of such systems is increasing rapidly, and linear motion control systems have become crucial for the successful development, progress, and deployment of these vital medical tools. Medical and digital imaging or scanning applications pose distinctive obstacles, and choosing a linear drive for such new or existing applications remains difficult.  This industry brochure offers a wider view of the medical devices, medical imaging, and scanning systems that benefit most from linear motion. To read more, download the Linear Motion Solutions for Medical Device and Scanning Applications brochure.

Take a closer look at additional content and stories related to automation solutions:

  • Motion Control System Improves Reliability of Medical Diagnostic Equipment: PBC Linear helps a medical equipment engineering team reduce time to market with a single-piece plain bearing assembly that simplifies installation, improves reliability, and reduces the total installed cost. Read the application story: Medical Diagnostics Solutions.

  • Mini Actuators Improve Circuit Board Assembly Accuracy:  A motion solution from PBC Linear accurately places tiny surface-mount devices, such as capacitors and resistors of 0402 size (0.040 x 0.0240 inch) onto solder paste for adherence to the board. Read the application story. Automating Circuit Board Assembly

  • Actuator Mounting System Handles Bottling Trays for Palletizing Operation: A manufacturer relies on PBC Linear to design a sophisticated handling system that grabs bottle boxes for transfer to a conveyor. Read the application story: Bottling Up Linear Motion.

  • No-Maintenance Linear Slides Minimize Welding Machine Downtime: PBC Linear helps an automotive manufacturer reduce unnecessary welding machine maintenance by designing guide bar slide systems that weigh less and tolerate higher shock loads and temperatures than competitive linear ball bearing solutions. Read the application story: Welding and Automotive Manufacturing

  • Demystifying the 2:1 Ratio and the Stick-Slip Phenomenon: This technical white paper explains the theory behind the binding ratio and how it relates to stick-slip. Read the blog and white paper: White Paper: Demystifying the 2:1 Ratio.

  • The Facts About Roller Bearing Life Calculations: Learn how to properly calculate the statistical probability of lifetime for linear roller bearing applications. Read the blog: Calculating the Life of Linear Roller Bearings.